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Looking for a Rewarding Career? Become a Medical Assistant March 11, 2019

Elmsford, Westchester
Looking for a Rewarding Career? Become a Medical Assistant, Elmsford, New York

Choosing the right career can feel like a daunting task. You want to find a path that fulfills and sustains you. This is why many individuals pursue a career as a medical assistant (MA). While working as an MA, you’ll interact with patients daily and enjoy a variety of growth opportunities. The following are just some of the many reasons why this career is so fulfilling. 

4 Benefits of Working as a Medical Assistant

1. Growth Opportunities

When you are beginning your career path, you want to have plenty of opportunities to grow and advance. Medical assistants can earn additional certifications over time, opening up their job possibilities. You can also work in a variety of environments—from hospitals to medical offices—so you can make changes to your career over time. 

2. Connections With Patients

medical assistantAs with other medical careers, MAs get to interact with patients all day. Even by taking their vital signs at the beginning of their appointment, you will have a role in monitoring their health. You can build connections with patients and get to know new ones regularly. These meaningful interactions will make your days more rewarding.

3. Daily Variety

The life of an MA is never boring. Whether you work in an urgent care clinic or a private practice, you will meet new people and face different challenges every day. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the medical staff to move through the day’s appointments efficiently. Additionally, as an MA, you will work on a variety of rewarding tasks, from preparing blood samples to giving patients medications and injections.

4. In-Demand Jobs

As an MA, you will enjoy a high level of job security. Health care professionals are always in demand, and your skills will cover a variety of practices. In fact, employment of medical assistants is set to rise by 29% between 2016 and 2026. Even if you move to a new city, you will see plenty of job postings looking for MAs, so you will have a variety of opportunities right away. 


Are you ready to launch a career as a medical assistant? Westchester School for Dental Assistants provides quality instruction for today’s medical professionals. Located in Elmsford, NY, this school offers practical coursework to prepare you for a career as a dental or medical assistant. From classroom instruction to working opportunities, their courses provide hands-on experience and technical training. To learn more about their part-time and full-time programs, visit them online today. You can also call (914) 682-9001 to discuss enrollment. 

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