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3 Areas Your Electrician Should Check During a Home Inspection March 21, 2019

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3 Areas Your Electrician Should Check During a Home Inspection, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Buying a home is a major milestone in anyone’s life, and it’s also one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. As such, it’s important to do a thorough inspection to ensure your potential new home doesn’t have any major problems that result in costly and time-consuming repairs. Before making any decisions, have a licensed electrician check these three items.

3 Common Electrical Problems for Older Homes

1. Outlets

Be aware of the number and type of outlets found in the home. Not having enough outlets means you’ll have to rely on surge protectors and extension cords to power all of your electronics; but, this can overload the few outlets you have and make your home more susceptible to electrical fires. Also, take note of what kind of outlets are in the house. If the home’s outlets only have two holes instead of three, they are ungrounded. That means you won’t be able to power your bigger appliances without having an electrician install grounded outlets.

2. Electrical Service Panel  

ElectricianTypically found in the garage or basement, the service panel is the heart of your electrical system. This is where you’ll find the wires and breakers that create circuits throughout the house, so having an electrician check this is necessary. Loose breakers, visible burn marks, or breakers that feel warm could mean you need electrical maintenance. Continuing to use the panel without addressing these issues can result in your circuits sparking, lead to a fire, and cause your breakers to trip more frequently.

3. Wiring

Older homes used wiring that is not as safe or effective as their modern counterparts, which is why it’s important for an electrician to see what type your home uses. If they find knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring, it doesn’t mean your home is in code violation, but it can still pose problems. Knob-and-tube wiring is not grounded, which means many of your devices can’t be powered, and aluminum wiring expands and contracts, potentially loosening connections and causing a fire hazard. These known issues with older wiring also make it more difficult to insure your new home.


Before buying any home, always have an electrical contractor perform a thorough inspection. The team of licensed electricians at E-Con Electric, Inc. in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, perform residential electrical services to ensure your home is safe and efficient and will give you peace of mind when purchasing your new home. Schedule your consultation today by calling (715) 423-8440 or visit them online.

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