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What Do Home Inspectors Look for in Regards to Appliances? March 15, 2019

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What Do Home Inspectors Look for in Regards to Appliances?, Texarkana, Texas

When you’re looking to buy a house, you might see it as a bonus that all the appliances go with it. But how functional are they really? It’s unlikely during the purchasing process you’ll have the opportunity to make sure every fixture functions the way it’s supposed to. That’s why buyers should hire a home inspector who will dig into the details of your next investment and make sure everything is working as it should.

What Appliances Are Checked?

Home inspectors should evaluate any appliance that is attached to the home. This includes dishwashers, heating and cooling equipment, garage door operators, doorbells, and plumbing systems. Keep in mind that residential inspections usually won’t involve looking at detached appliances not built into the house’s framework. For example, they will check a microwave that’s installed above a stovetop, but not one that plugs into the wall on a counter, even if it comes with the home.


home inspectorA quality home inspection should involve more than turning the appliances on and off. The professionals may test to see, for example, if the garbage disposal actually breaks down major food products, the stove achieves the proper range of temperatures, and the range exhaust vent removes cooking smoke from the kitchen. Therefore, even though it is a seller’s responsibility to arrange and pay for an inspection, it’s often worth it for the buyer to schedule a second opinion, using someone who has their best interests at heart. A report will then be created listing all of the issues with the home so that both parties can seal the deal or return to the negotiation table.


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