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3 Ways to Get Your Gutters Ready for Spring April 3, 2019

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3 Ways to Get Your Gutters Ready for Spring, New Canaan, Connecticut

Many homeowners are eagerly anticipating the return of spring’s warm, pleasant temperatures. However, this season can also bring heavy rain and winds. You’ll need to take measures to ensure that your roof and gutter systems are prepared to handle what’s to come. Below are some helpful tips to get your gutters ready for spring showers and avoid costly roof repairs.

3 Tips to Prepare Gutters for Spring

1. Check for Damage

After the snow, ice and strong winds from winter storms, you should check your roof and gutters for damage. This could include corrosion, holes and fissures, missing shingles or sagging gutters. Loose fasteners should be tightly secured and missing fasteners must be replaced. Problems should be repaired right away to avoid leaving your home’s siding, attic, and ceilings vulnerable to water damage. 

2. Clean the Gutters

Even if you cleaned your gutters in the fall, they’ll likely need attention in the spring following winter storms. Straggling leaves or weak branches could have been blown into the gutter, as could dirt, grit, and other debris from the elements. Wildlife may also have made nests or otherwise taken up residence in your gutter system. Remove all debris from gutters to ensure that rain water is able to flow properly to your downspouts.  

3. Hire a Professional for Roof Repair

If you find granules or shingle fragments in your gutter, or if you can see damage from the ground level, you’ll need to fix the issue. A roofing contractor will perform a thorough inspection of your roofing system and can safely make the repairs as needed. 


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