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Getting the Best ROI on New Counters April 17, 2019

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Getting the Best ROI on New Counters, Anchorage, Alaska

A new countertop installation is a simple but effective way to refresh your kitchen or bathroom. It’s an investment that delivers value, both in terms of monetary and personal satisfaction. With so many options on the market, how do you determine if you’re getting the biggest return on investment (ROI) possible on your custom counters? 

How Do You Get the Best Return on Countertops?

When opting for countertop installation, always factor in the overall design of your kitchen or bathroom. The material and style should complement the existing decor for a cohesive, seamless look. However, countertops that have neutral, earthy tones—rather than trendy, vibrant ones—tend to have a timeless appeal. As such, they don’t need to be updated as frequently, which can save you money in the long run.

Another way to add value to your home with countertops is by picking the right material. Not only will it boost the resale value of your home, but it improves functionality and personal enjoyment as well. Countertop materials do not offer the same benefits across all types, and some may not be suitable for your current lifestyle. For instance, a marble counter is luxurious but might be unable to withstand the spills and stains of kids, which can make for a low ROI on your part. If you have kids, a more practical countertop would be granite since it’s nonporous and more affordable and has the look of marble.

What Are the Top Materials to Consider?

1. Natural Stone

countertop installationGranite, marble, limestone, and soapstone are some of the top options for natural stone counters because of their unique patterns and beauty. Of these, granite is highly coveted for its durability and timeless elegance. However, one downside is its need for periodic sealing for extra protection.  

2. Engineered Stone

Made to mimic the beauty of natural stone, manufactured solid surfacing and quartz can stand up against heat and stains—but at a lower price. They are also not as high maintenance as their natural counterparts since they don’t require sealing or special cleaning.

3. Concrete, Wood, or Laminate

Aside from stone options, countertops can also be made from other materials. Concrete and wood can withstand a fair amount of use and abuse but have to be maintained occasionally to last a long time. Laminate, meanwhile, is the most affordable but is also the weakest alternative for countertops.  


To get the best ROI on your countertop installation, trust the professionals at Rino’s Tile & Stone. They’ll help you pick the right material and carry out the installation at an affordable price. Serving the Anchorage, AK, community, they also offer an array of high-quality materials, including slate, travertine, granite, and quartz. Call (907) 743-1075 to schedule an appointment for countertop installation, or visit their website to see a gallery of their work.

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