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Date Night Tips: How to Taste Wine Properly April 2, 2019

Date Night Tips: How to Taste Wine Properly , ,

Wine and date nights go together like chardonnay and seafood. Whether it’s your first date or your 15th anniversary, enjoying a glass of wine at a painting party, local tasting event, or dinner out can make the evening all the more enjoyable. One of the factors that makes wine a perfect date night beverage is its romantic complexity. Here’s how to taste wine like a professional and impress your date in the process. 

3 Tips for Tasting Wine

1. Ask Questions 

Wine appreciation is about more than taste. Each bottle has a story from grape to glass. Ask questions to gain a better understanding of the wine and its background. For instance, you might ask the sommelier about the grape variety, the region of origin, and its production methods. At a restaurant or bar, you might keep the conversation brief, while at wine tasting events or painting parties, more in-depth conversations are encouraged.

2. Don’t Gulp

date nightGulping is generally not considered polite behavior and could give your date a lousy impression. However, it’s especially important not to gulp wine. Wine is meant to be sipped and savored, regardless of the event. Examine the color and smell the aroma before taking in the flavor.

3. Drink in Moderation

It’s typically not a good idea to get inebriated on a first or second date, and this is especially true at a formal event such as a wine tasting. Although such events make for great dates, remember to drink only in moderation. Take small drinks of your favorite wines but spit most of those you taste into the appropriate receptacles. At other wine-drinking events, whether it’s a painting party or a dinner, sip slowly and drink water to cleanse your palate between glasses and keep a clear head. 


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