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How to Tell if a Roof Is in Disrepair March 29, 2019

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How to Tell if a Roof Is in Disrepair, Green, Ohio

Plumbing, electrical, and roofing are all possible money pits when buying a new home. Although some may purchase with the intent to move right in and live happily ever after, many immediately start the home improvement clock to customize the home. There are two main aspects to consider when buying a new home: is the roof good enough currently for normal living and will it hold up to the home improvements you have planned later?

Roofing as a Home Improvement

Solar tiles, asphalt shingles, slate, and metal roofing are just some of the types of materials available. It is up to you, the potential home buyer, to decide what your new home currently has and if it fits your future ideas. Other aspects to consider are:

  • Home ImprovementA Sagging Roof: This indicates there is a structural issue with the roof. You can see how bad it is from the attic. This is the one issue that could be a deal breaker. If you decide it is the perfect home for you, then work with the current owner and negotiate the repairs into the price of the house.
  • Missing or Broken Shingles: Shingles can break, curve, or fall off over time. The winds, rain, and snow all have their ways of damaging a roof. A roofing contractor can be called to replace these, and it won’t cost very much.
  • In-House Stains: This is an obvious problem with the home; if you can see stains on the roof or walls, then have the current owner show an invoice outlining the repairs made. If there isn’t one, then consider it a must-fix problem and work toward a resolution with the owner.

When Home Improvement Turns to a Must-Fix Task

You love the home, but the roof is not up to par. You want to do some home improvements, but you can tell the roof may not make it through the upcoming winter. It is time to bring in the professionals. Although looking around for the main warning signs is smart, you should hire a roofing professional or inspector to verify your concerns. Once they have given you their evaluation, talk to the seller and try to bargain a reduction in price to help with the roofing costs.


Murphy Home Improvement has professional home improvement specialists that have been serving the Cincinnati, OH, area for over 30 years and also covers Northern Kentucky, Lawrenceburg, IN. Their knowledgeable staff is experienced with roofs, doors, windows, siding, and all your home improvement needs. Feel free to visit them online, on Facebook, or give them a call at (513) 922-8989.

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