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4 Improvements to Make Before Selling a Home March 11, 2019

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4 Improvements to Make Before Selling a Home, Kannapolis, North Carolina

When selling your house, you will do everything you can to attract the right buyers. Fortunately, your home might just be a few renovations away from your ideal sale. While your real estate agent can make specific recommendations, there are some common improvements that are key in selling a home. The following are a few of the main ways you can spruce up your house before listing.

Selling a Home? Make These Improvements First

Boost Curb Appeal

selling a homeYour home’s exterior leaves a first impression on every potential buyer, so take the time to improve the curb appeal. Invest in basic landscaping, seal driveway cracks, and power wash the siding. Ensure that your roof, gutters, and windows are in top condition. It can also be helpful to add some colorful flower pots on your front step. All of these details will impress potential buyers before they step inside.

Upgrade the HVAC Systems

Energy efficiency is a major selling point in today’s homes. If your HVAC systems are out of date, it can be worth it to replace them. For homes with new HVAC units, clean out the ducts and hire a professional for an inspection. You should also have your thermostat checked. Make any repairs before listing your home to impress prospective buyers.

Touch Up Tile Grout

While it may seem like an insignificant detail, fresh tile grout can make a room look bright and clean. When the grout is discolored and peeling, the room can look out of date. Touch up the grout in the bathroom floor, shower, and kitchen backsplash to pull the decor together. If you notice any broken tiles during the process, be sure to replace them.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Work with your real estate agent to determine which rooms need new paint. Any brightly colored rooms should be painted a more neutral shade to depersonalize the space. Smaller rooms should have a white or other light colored paint color to create the illusion of space. It’s also important to touch up any paint that is chipping or fading.


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