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3 Traditional Meals to Enjoy This Easter March 12, 2019

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3 Traditional Meals to Enjoy This Easter, Oxford, Connecticut

With roots in pagan feasts, the Jewish Passover celebration, and the Christian tradition of Christ’s death and resurrection, Easter has evolved to become a popular modern holiday. Many people enjoy classic American fare during this time, often including dishes influenced by traditions they loved in childhood and have passed on to their own children and families. Whether you go out to eat or cook your own meal at home, here are three popular favorites.

Enjoy These 3 Classic Examples of American Fare at Easter Time

1. Roasted Lamb

This mouthwatering American fare comes straight from the Hebrew tradition of the Passover lamb. It originally symbolized atonement for human sin to God; after the lamb was slaughtered as a sacrifice, it was prepared with various herbs and spices to be enjoyed by the family. Today, roasted leg of lamb is often garnished with spices and stuffed with lamb sausage, spinach or cabbage, and gorgonzola or other cheeses.

2. Glazed Ham

american fareAlthough ham was prohibited in traditional Hebrew society, availability has made it a popular Easter dish in many American households. It can be preserved for consumption during any time of the year and prepared in many different ways, often salted or honey-glazed and served with potatoes and vegetables.

3. Cakes & Pies

Though there’s no one traditional Easter dessert, sweets like cakes and pies are often favorites. Since berries and apples are available in the spring, and Easter is typically associated with springtime, these make for superb desserts. Chocolate is another excellent choice—kids may enjoy chocolate eggs and bunnies while adults feast on chocolate mousse washed down with coffee and tea.


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