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4 Popular Front Door Lock Options March 8, 2019

New Haven, New Haven County
4 Popular Front Door Lock Options, New Haven, Connecticut

As a homeowner, maintaining excellent security so your property is not an easy target for burglars is a top priority. With this in mind, it’s important to find an experienced locksmith in your area after you purchase a new home. Together, you can determine the right access control system for your home and have locks changed for added protection. If you’re wondering what your front door lock options are, here’s a list of popular choices to review. 

4 Locksmith-Recommended Front Door Locks

1. Deadbolt

Deadbolts are a secure and cost-effective front door option that locksmiths can easily install. This locking system contains a metal rod or bolt that slides into the actual door jam, making it difficult to pick. 

2. Keyless Entry

LocksmithIf you have a larger household and teenagers that are prone to losing keys, a keyless entry pad on your front door that ties to your deadbolt is an excellent addition. Once installed, you can punch in a code to make the deadbolt retract and gain entry. In addition to this device, locksmiths often recommend secondary locks or traditional key entry on side doors or back doors for a comprehensive line of defense against intruders. Changing your door code frequently is also encouraged. 

3. Night Latch

Night latches are secondary deadbolts or chain locks that are installed on the interior side of a front door. This device is handy when you’re tucking in for the night. It provides an additional security measure when your family is sleeping so you can rest easy knowing potential intruders will have to go through another secure lock before entering. 

4. Doorknob Lock

Doorknob locks are key locks included in the actual door pull. These are typically installed on exterior doors; however, since they can be picked or tampered with, locksmiths recommend using these as a secondary defense. Knob locks and deadbolts should be used together. 


Cohen's Key Shop is a master locksmith that has been serving residents and businesses throughout New Haven County, CT, since 1897. If you’re looking for a dedicated, trustworthy local company that is known for exemplary customer service and quality work, call today at (203) 397-3528 to discuss your lock installation or door lock repair needs. For more information on their offerings, from key duplication to helping homeowners refine their access control system for added security, visit their website

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