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What Are the Signs You Should Replace a MacBook®? March 11, 2019

Bend, Deschutes
What Are the Signs You Should Replace a MacBook®?, Bend, Oregon

MacBook® laptop is built to last for a couple of years, but time will come when it eventually outlives its functionality. Before it completely dies out on you, there are some signs that it’s already on its last legs. While these issues can sometimes be fixed, you might be better off upgrading to a newer version instead. 

3 Signs You Should Upgrade Your MacBook

1. It Won’t Run the Last three operating systems (OS)

Apple® consistently releases updated versions of its operating system (OS) to make its machines faster and more efficient. Even if your MacBook can run fine on an old OS, without the bells and whistles of the latest release, it won’t have the latest security features. This makes your laptop vulnerable to constant cyberattacks and malicious threats like viruses and malware. Moreover, newer applications rely on the modern, revamped versions of the OS to run without a hitch. If you can’t find one that’s compatible, your MacBook may have reached obsolescence. Apple® provides updates for the past three OS.  These updates are important to use, as they will give you the security you need.

2. Noticeable Sluggishness

macbookA MacBook that’s slow to boot up can be traced to several reasons, such as a low RAM, too many startup apps, a lack of storage space, or a failing hard drive. Have a professional run a check on the hard disk to see if it’s on the brink of failure or has merely run out of space that’s causing the slowdown. If you think that upgrading the RAM and switching to a solid-state drive will boost performance, weigh the pros and cons of doing so. Sometimes, costly upgrades might not cut it, especially for a MacBook that’s almost on its way out.

3. Faulty Hardware

Frequent overheating is a tad annoying for you but dangerous for your MacBook. It can damage internal components, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. Aside from overheating, listen out for grinding or clicking noises, meaning something inside is loose or nearly failing. Observe if your laptop’s battery can hold enough energy to last an hour without backup power. While you can replace a few broken parts, if those obsolete components have been phased out, repairing your MacBook is no longer a viable option. Bring your computer in and we can help you decide whether or not putting money into your MacBook is worth it or not.


When repairing your MacBook isn’t worth the risk and investment, it’s better to replace it with a newer model from Experimax Bend. Based in Deschutes County, OR, they have an impressive selection of certified pre-owned Apple products and professionals who will help you pick the right machine. Call (541) 797-6863 today to schedule service, or check out their wide inventory of used Apple computers online.

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