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5 Tips on Elderly Care & Weight Management March 18, 2019

Toms River, Ocean County
5 Tips on Elderly Care & Weight Management, Toms River, New Jersey

Part of elderly care is looking after the health of your loved one, which includes helping them maintain the proper weight. Dramatic weight loss can occur with shifting appetites or health conditions, while weight gain is common as activity levels decline. Both types of changes are associated with health conditions that can impact your loved one's quality of life and their life expectancy. To help them stay as fit as possible, use the elderly care tips below. 

How to Help a Senior Stay at a Healthy Weight

1. Meal Prep

As your loved one gets older, it may be more difficult for them to cook. To maintain their independence, they may turn to convenience foods that aren't as healthy as homemade meals. As part of your elderly care, help them by preparing balanced, nourishing dishes ahead of time and portioning them out according to dietary recommendations discussed with their doctor. If cooking for them routinely isn’t practical, consider hiring a home care aide to assist. 

2. Exercise

Elderly CareMobility issues and chronic pain can interfere with your loved one's ability and desire to exercise. To help them stay active, look for exercises that suit their physical abilities. Jogging may no longer be accessible to them, but a low-impact activity like swimming might be a possibility. Try bringing them to a class or doing a yoga workout together at home – the social aspect will boost their mood and encourage participation. 

3. Hydration

Drinking enough water helps regulate appetite. Make sure your loved one always has water on hand so they don't have to remember to refill. This will make it easier for them to drink enough throughout the day. Try adding lemon, mint, or zero-calorie water flavorings to make fluid intake more appealing for them. 

4. Keeping Busy

People snack more than they intend to when they’re bored. Make sure your elderly relative has interesting, stimulating tasks to do, as well as regular social company. Playing card games, knitting, small household chores, light gardening, and audiobooks are all just a few of many ways to keep your loved one engaged. A home care provider can also help keep loneliness and boredom at bay.

5. Medication Management

Some medications cause weight loss or weight gain. Check in with your loved one's doctor or pharmacist for advice on considering these effects against the benefits of their medication and effective alternatives.


If your loved one needs professional elderly care, choose Visiting Angels in Toms River, NJ. Serving Ocean and Monmouth counties, their compassionate care providers offer customized services to suit your loved one's level of activity and independence. From meal prep to companionship, their friendly and warm staff will help you keep your loved one at the healthiest weight possible. To schedule a visit, call (732) 240-1050 or get in touch online.

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