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3 Reasons to See an Eye Doctor for Seasonal Allergies March 14, 2019

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3 Reasons to See an Eye Doctor for Seasonal Allergies, Blue Earth, Minnesota

With spring near, many people are gearing up to deal with seasonal allergies. As you plan to check in with your ENT specialist and physician, schedule an exam with your eye doctor. Many allergies attack the eye, and irritation is a common side effect. You need to work with your entire health care team to manage and resolve the issue, so consider the following reasons to see your eye doctor about allergies.

Top Reasons to Visit an Eye Doctor for Allergies

1. Relief

The side effects of allergies can be debilitating. Dry eyes, itchy eyes, redness, and more can all spur discomfort and also interfere with your vision. When you see an eye doctor, they’ll offer relief. They can suggest the right allergy drop for your specific situation.

2. Exam

eye doctorIf you’re experiencing eye pain and irritation, your eye doctor also needs to verify your eyes haven’t been damaged by the allergens. They can see if trapped allergens have caused an abrasion and also confirm that the side effects you’re experiencing are attributed to allergens and not another eye health issue. This is an important step in streamlining treatment options and also keeping your eyes healthy.

3. Prevention

Your eye doctor can also weigh in on best practices for allergic reactions. They may advise wearing glasses when outdoors to prevent allergens from getting into your eyes. Also, they’ll inform you on proper cleaning and storage methods for contact lenses. This way, they won’t trap any harmful substances and expose your eyes to them.  They can work with other specialists to determine more specific allergies, too, and track reactions to help you prevent future outbreaks.


Whether you’re experiencing eye issues or are just overdue for an exam, turn to Blue Earth Valley Eye Clinic. This Faribault County, MN-based practice offers comprehensive eye care services, including the treatment of glaucoma and other eye diseases, and glasses prescriptions. You can count on an eye doctor working closely with you to resolve any vision issues, so call (507) 526-2222 to schedule an exam. Or, visit their website to explore the practice further and connect on Facebook for news and updates.

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