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5 Signs Your Dog Is in Pain March 12, 2019

Downtown Columbia, Clarksville
5 Signs Your Dog Is in Pain, Clarksville, Maryland

Dogs can’t verbally communicate their pain, so it’s up to the owner to read the signs. By recognizing when they’re hurting, you can take them to a pet clinic for treatment as soon as possible. Below are a few signs that your pet needs immediate attention from a vet. 

How to Tell if Your Dog Is Hurting

1. Excessive Grooming

Dogs in pain will groom more than normal. If they have one spot that’s in pain, they’ll try to ease it by licking it. Over time, they may wear away the fur in that spot.

2. Antisocial Behavior

Dogs who are hurting tend to be less social than normal. They may shy away when you try to pet or play with them. Also, pay attention to whether they are hiding somewhere in your home for long periods of time; this could indicate that they’re in pain. 

3. Change in Diet

pet clinicA loss of appetite is common in sick or uncomfortable dogs. Chewing their kibble may become uncomfortable if they have a toothache, and some foods could upset their aching stomach. Also, look for signs of dehydration, such as pinkish-red gums.

4. Body Language

Pain can change the way your dog stands, sleeps, or sits. They may be unusually stiff, leading them to get up slowly or making them hesitant to climb stairs or jump on furniture. Also, pay attention to whether they limp when they walk.

5. Speaking

If you notice them making unusual noises or being more vocal than normal, take them to a pet clinic. Pay attention to whether they’re growling, barking, snarling, yelping, whining, or howling more than usual.


If you notice any of the above signs, take your dog to Cat & Dog Hospital of Columbia. They have been providing compassionate and comprehensive veterinary care to the pets of Howard County, MD, for more than 30 years. Their full range of dog care services includes pain management, dental care, and surgical needs. This pet clinic offers cutting-edge facilities and has professional staff. Learn more about their services online or call (410) 995-6880 to schedule an appointment at this pet clinic. 

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