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A Parent’s Guide to Loose Teeth March 14, 2019

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A Parent’s Guide to Loose Teeth, Madison, Ohio

Losing teeth is something every child will go through. It’s a completely natural process when adult teeth come in; and as a parent, you want to make sure you properly prepare and care for your child. It’s important to be patient, speak with their dentist, and provide ample aftercare—so keep the following in mind as your child’s baby teeth start to loosen.

Your Guide to Loose Baby Teeth

When Do Baby Teeth Come Out?

Baby teeth help your child learn to eat and speak, and allow for proper development. They also guide adult teeth into place. For most children, all baby teeth are in place by 33 months. On average, adult teeth start coming out around the ages of 6 and 7, beginning with the front incisors and moving back to the molars. Adult molars generally come in around the ages of 10 and 11; and the wisdom teeth are the last to arrive, often between 17-21 years old.

What to Do When a Tooth Loosens

dentistWhen your child’s first incisor loosens, don’t pull it out. It’s best if it’s naturally pushed out so that their gums aren’t damaged. To help it along, have them wiggle it back and forth with their tongue. Your child should still carefully brush and floss around the tooth, as decay can develop and spread from the tooth. Let their dentist know the situation. They may recommend coming in to have it extracted, or will provide advice based on your child’s oral health.

Once a Tooth Falls Out

Once a tooth naturally falls out, let your dentist know. If your child swallows it, don’t worry, because it can pass safely. They’ll go through a teething process again, so gather any teething products or numbing agents they might need to reduce the pain. They need to properly clean the empty socket to prevent gum infections; and as the adult tooth comes in, they should begin brushing.


Whether your child’s first tooth is loose or they’re ready for their infant exam, dentist Bert E. Bathiany IV, DMD in Florence, KY, can help. Dr. Bathiany has served the area since 1980 and offers comprehensive pediatric dentistry services. He believes in establishing a strong oral health foundation and will take time to educate your child and keep them comfortable. Visit his website to explore his pediatric dental care services and call (859) 525-2100 to schedule an exam. You can connect on Facebook for news and updates.

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