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3 Tips on Finding the Perfect Dryer March 11, 2019

East Farmingdale, Babylon
3 Tips on Finding the Perfect Dryer, Babylon, New York

Dryers are essential components of a functional home. However, making the right selection can be a bit daunting, especially when faced with a variety of options. The following buyer’s guide will help you narrow your search and make the best choice for your home.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Dryer?

1. Features

If convenience is a concern when doing laundry, keep your eye out for the right features. The loudness of your dryer can sometimes be off-putting, so many models are made to be quiet while running. Some dryers are equipped with wrinkle-free settings, which reduces the need for constant ironing. If you’re placing the appliance in a visible or highly trafficked area of your home, consider a sleek metal finish for an aesthetic boost. There are also variances in dryer lint filter position, with some on top of the machine while others are inside of the door. 

2. Capacity

DryerWhen considering capacity, keep your space in mind. Most compact dryers are 24 inches across with a 3 cubic foot drum capacity, which makes them ideal for smaller homes or apartments. If you want an enhanced capacity and have an ample amount of room, consider a regular or oversized dryer. These range from 25 to 29 inches in width and offer 7 cubic feet in terms of capacity. This is usually a better option for large families.

3. Performance

While a high-performance dryer may entail more of a financial investment, the efficiency of these appliances is well worth it. They use less water, less energy, and less detergent to produce the same results. Some models also have sensors that detect dryness and moisture, which boosts efficiency and helps keep utility costs low.


If you’re considering your dryer options in Farmingdale, NY, Reds Appliance has you covered. They offer an expansive inventory of slightly used appliances to help you stay within your budget. This appliance store features the brands you’re most familiar with, whether you’re shopping for washers, refrigerators, or air conditioners. Call (631) 449-7337 for more information on location and hours. Visit them online to see their inventory for dryers.

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