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6 Reasons Why Mineral Salts Are a Safer Pool Cleaning Method July 15, 2015

Austin, Williamson
6 Reasons Why Mineral Salts Are a Safer Pool Cleaning Method, Austin, Texas

While enjoying your pool this summer, you may have noticed a build-up of white residue on the tiles. These deposits are caused by high levels of calcium in the water. The technicians at Clear Solutions Pool Company know from experience that the best and safest way to remove these deposits is with mineral salts.

Here are six reasons why mineral salts are safer than glass beads when it comes to cleaning pool tiles:

  • Mineral salts are safe for people, pets, and plants.
  • You won’t have to worry about broken glass or slippery beads left on pool decks.
  • There are no harsh acids, chemicals or inhalation dangers.
  • Mineral salts will not damage tiles, stone surfaces, pool pumps or sweepers.
  • Your pool’s pH levels will not change.
  • No mechanical or abrasive devices are used on the pool’s tiles.

Clear Solutions Pool Company uses a power washer with a special injection nozzle that propels water and media to blast away calcium deposits and polish the tiles.

After a thorough rinse and the area is completely clean and dry, a protective sealant is applied producing a water-beading finish, similar to how water runs off a freshly waxed car. The media is then vacuumed from the pool and any material left in the water will filter out or dissolve within 24 hours.

Some pool cleaning companies use glass beads to remove calcium deposits from pool tiles. Continued use of this method can lead to skin irritation, eye injury, slips and falls from loose glass particles and the potential inhalation of glass. Glass beads can also damage pumps, sweepers and tile glaze.

Clear Solutions Pool Company uses natural mineral salt that measures 3.5MOH on the MOH hardness scale. One would be the equivalent of talc while 10 would be diamond. Glass beads measure between 6 to 7MOH.

When you’re ready to get rid of those hard water deposits on your pool’s tiles, call the pool repair and pool remodeling team at Clear Solutions Pool Company at (512) 699-6044 for a free consultation. Check out the website to view a brief video on how the mineral salt cleaning process works.