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3 Seasonal Car Repair & Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Care Of March 8, 2019

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3 Seasonal Car Repair & Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Care Of, Geneseo, New York

If you’re like many drivers, you often wonder how much maintenance your car needs and when it should be performed. While it can be tricky to fit routine car service into your weekly or monthly schedule, taking care of a few essential steps could help you prevent dangerous situations later. Here are three of the most important seasonal car maintenance tasks, and how they can help you avoid car repairs later. 

Your Seasonal Car Maintenance Checklist

1. Tire Checks & Rotations

Whether you tend to drive a lot in the summer or are nervous about winter driving conditions, tire checks and rotations should be part of your seasonal automotive maintenance checklist. Car tires should be rotated at least once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles' worth of driving distance, so keep track of your odometer, and book a service when you are due. 

2. Replace Your Battery 

car repairExtreme temperatures can also be hard on car batteries, which is why many people experience issues during the winter time. Studies have shown that when the temperature dips to -22 degrees Fahrenheit, car batteries are only capable of holding about half of the amount of charge, and hot temperatures can shorten the life expectancy of your car battery in general. Have your car battery inspected in the spring and fall, before the harsh weather brought on by summer or winter arrives. 

3. Brake Inspections

Brakes can be subjected to stress all year long, but especially if you live in a particularly hilly area, where you may use the brakes more frequently. As a general rule of thumb, have your brakes inspected whenever you have your tires serviced, and pay attention to changes in the way your brakes sound or feel when you drive. Seek car repair as soon as possible if you notice anything different, such as grinding noises.


If your car is due for some seasonal maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the car repair professionals at M & R Automotive Service Center in Geneseo, NY. For over 20 years, these certified professionals have been helping motorists with everything from annual tuneups and inspections to 24-hour towing, making it possible to stay safe on the road. Find out more about how they can help by visiting their website, or by giving their office a call at (585) 243-1201. 

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