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3 Reasons to Opt for a Fire-Rated Garage Door March 8, 2019

Williamsport, Lycoming
3 Reasons to Opt for a Fire-Rated Garage Door, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

The safety and security of your business and its employees should be top priorities. Though fires are relatively rare, they’re serious disasters that could put your workers in danger and destroy your property. For this reason, many savvy business owners choose to invest in fire-rated garage doors for their facilities. Below are some of the benefits to consider.

3 Advantages of Fire-Rated Garage Doors

1. Protect Your Employees

You want your staff to be safe. Their security is especially key if you own an industrial warehouse or commercial property that contains combustible materials, as there’s a heightened risk of fire and extensive damage. Fire doors rated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are designed to compartmentalize and contain blazes within an isolated zone for up to four hours, allowing employees the chance to escape. This can also protect you against liabilities and may even help you fulfill requirements from your insurer. 

2. Protect Your Property

garage doorIn addition to protecting your employees, fire doors are worth the initial investment because they can reduce the risk of damage to your building or loss of inventory. By keeping the fire contained, there’s more time for the local fire department to arrive on the scene and extinguish it. Plus, the less destruction your property experiences, the less downtime you’ll need to resume operations, minimizing your losses. 

3. Maintain Aesthetics 

Purchasing a fire-rated door doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the appearance of your building. While made from galvanized or stainless steel, these doors come in a variety of colors and finishes to complement your building’s other design features. They can also be customized to meet your own specifications.  


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