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3 Benefits to Grooming Your Horse at Home March 7, 2019

Lebanon, Warren
3 Benefits to Grooming Your Horse at Home, Lebanon, Ohio

Owning or leasing a horse can be a fulfilling experience. While it can be time consuming to handle all of your horse’s grooming, it’s highly rewarding. All the supplies you need are readily available at a saddle & tack shop, where they can help you learn what you need to know. Here are some of the biggest benefits to grooming your horse yourself.

Top Reasons to Groom Your Horse on Your Own

1. Keeps Your Horse Healthy

Every grooming session doesn’t need to be an hour, but when you spend time currying and brushing with a stiff-bristled body brush, you improve your horse’s blood flow. Clean hooves also prevent thrush, a common bacterial disease that horses contract on the sole; so make sure you also have a good hoof pick on hand. Spending a lot of time touching your horse also allows you to get to know its body and health better. You’ll be more likely to notice problems that are in the beginning stages and more easily treated. Look for scratches, swelling, and unusual bumps whenever you groom or put on your horse’s saddle & tack.

2. Grooming Is a Workout

saddles & tackNothing strengthens your muscles and gets your blood flowing like the full-body workout of horse grooming. A vigorous massage is great for your horse’s muscles, and will strengthen your arms and hands. If you’re doing it right, you’ll work up a sweat; and as you grow stronger it will improve your riding and make putting on saddles & tack easier, too.

3. Improves the Bond With Your Horse

Horses in the wild groom one another, but stabled horses aren’t typically able to do this. This activity between horses keeps their bodies clean and healthy, and it creates an emotional bond. When you’re responsible for the grooming, that special bond is formed with you. It can be soothing for both rider and horse, even on days when you can’t get out to ride.


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