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Why Does My Dog Keep Peeing in the House & What Can I Do? March 7, 2019

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Why Does My Dog Keep Peeing in the House & What Can I Do?, Versailles, Kentucky

When you’re a dog owner, you can expect to find that they had an accident in the home every so often—especially if your pet is young and still training. However, if your pup is trained and continues to pee indoors, an underlying medical problem may be to blame. Fortunately, by paying close attention to your dog’s behaviors and working with a veterinarian, you can take steps to alleviate the problem. To help you address this common pet care problem, here are a few possible reasons dogs will urinate in the house.

Why Does My Dog Keep Having Bathroom Accidents Indoors?

Changes in Routine

As you start to notice accidents in the home, consider if your household has experienced any immediate changes. For example, if you’ve been working late, you may not be at home during times when your dog needs to go outside.

veterinarianIn these instances, it’s best to introduce changes gradually, so your pet can adjust comfortably. If you can’t adjust slowly, look for other ways to help your dog stick to their own schedule—such as by hiring a walker or installing a doggy-door so they can go in and out of the house as they please.  

Urinary Tract Disorders

If your dog has been taking frequent bathroom breaks, request a urinalysis from your veterinarian. This test will determine if the problem is due to a urinary tract infection, which can usually be resolved with an antibiotic prescription. Other possible causes include bladder inflammation, urine crystal formation, and bladder stones. In these cases, lifestyle changes, medications, and surgery may be necessary to resolve the issue.

Excitement or Fear

When dogs become excited, scared, or anxious, their muscles can relax, causing them to lose control over their bladder. If your pet’s bathroom issues are paired with unusual behaviors, consider the factors that may be stimulating it—such as strangers in the home, scolding, or new pets. Sometimes, changing your approach with the dog may prevent them from eliminating. However, if the problem is chronic, you may need to invest in professional retraining.  

Chronic Disease

If your pet is exhibiting symptoms of concerns in addition to bathroom accidents, visit a veterinarian to determine if a serious medical condition such as diabetes or kidney disease is the cause. When caught early, many of these conditions can be properly managed through medication, dietary changes, or surgery.


If you’re concerned about your four-legged friend’s behaviors—including indoor urination—Buffalo Trace Veterinary Service will get to the bottom of the issue. With a compassionate and gentle approach, this Versailles, KY, veterinarian will carefully assess your pet’s health and determine if a behavioral or medical issue is to blame. Utilizing the latest industry resources, this clinic will prescribe a custom treatment plan or recommend lifestyle adjustments to relieve bathroom burdens. For more details on these services, visit the Woodford County pet hospital online. To schedule an appointment, call (859) 879-3582.

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