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How to Select the Perfect Font for Custom T-Shirts March 12, 2019

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How to Select the Perfect Font for Custom T-Shirts, North Albemarle, North Carolina

When you need custom T-shirts for a group or event, choosing the right font to display your information is a critical step. With so many styles of lettering available, choose one that reflects your purpose and style. Below is a brief guide to get started.

Choosing the Right Fonts for Custom T-Shirts

Types of Lettering to Know 

custom t-shirtsBefore deciding on anything, learn about the different font styles. Serifs are traditional typography letters that include feet, or small lines at the ends of the characters. Popular examples are Times New Roman® and Courier®. Sans serifs, on the other hand, do not include these feet and provide a more modern approach. Well-known sans serifs are Arial®, Helvetica®, and Geneva®. Both serifs and sans serifs are best for longer phrases and blocks of text.

Script fonts contain fluid strokes to represent cursive handwriting. They range from elaborate and elegant to casual and playful. They work best as focal points in custom T-shirt design because they offer a decorative touch. They are particularly effective at drawing attention to headlines and larger sections. Display fonts can be angled or soft around the edges, and add creativity to your concept.

Characteristics to Consider 

You want your custom T-shirts to reflect your brand or team and resonate with the audience who will see them as well. A fancy script may not work well for a sports team but could be great for apparel for a wedding cake bakery. A clean serif is a top choice for technology companies while a playful sans serif works for school events. The lettering you choose should match the industry and culture in which you work.

When your custom T-shirts have large areas of text, fonts must also be legible so all of the key information is clear. Sans serif and serif fonts are cleaner and will be easy to read at different distances. However, if the design is more important, opt for display and script fonts that will create an interesting, unique look personal to your group or cause. You can also use both serif and decorative lettering in one layout as long as you do not overwhelm the design with too many contrasting elements.


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