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Your Guide to Sick Trees March 5, 2019

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Your Guide to Sick Trees, Anchorage, Alaska

Trees can seem invulnerable at times and often hold up against the most extreme elements. However, they’re susceptible to a number of issues you might not be aware of, including diseases. It’s important to understand the risk diseases pose, as well as the common symptoms. While you might be able to save the tree with some proper care, tree removal might be necessary before the disease spreads.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are a number of tree diseases, such as cedar rust, canker disease, and blight, and they all share common symptoms. To inspect the tree for problems, start with the base. Bulging ground, peeling bark, or deep cracks are common signs of issues. Further up the trunk, you might see swelling or small unexplained holes. If you notice dead branches, peeling or missing bark, or no leaf growth, you can also be facing issues. To diagnose the issue and work on a solution, reach out to professionals.

What Are the Dangers?

tree removalDiseases gradually break down the tree’s structural integrity. As branches die, they could fall on your home, car, or passersby. If the roots are affected, they may also lose their hold, and the tree could fall on your home or power lines. Tree diseases can also spread to surrounding landscaping, creating additional issues. The best way to handle the issue is to hire a tree removal service to safely remove the tree from your property.

How Do You Resolve It?

Unless the disease is exclusive to one branch or an area that can be removed, tree removal is the only option. An arborist will first need to confirm what the disease is and then develop a plan to ensure it doesn’t spread. Tree removal services can make sure the tree is safely and quickly removed from your property.


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