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When Should You Schedule a Termite Inspection? March 7, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
When Should You Schedule a Termite Inspection?, Hilo, Hawaii

Getting regular home inspections is one of the best ways to prevent termite issues. However, many people are unsure of when to have their properties assessed. Here are four instances in which you should schedule these essential check-ins.

4 Times to Get a Termite Inspection

1. Signs of Infestation

Many people schedule their first termite inspection after detecting signs of an infestation. Look out for flying bugs in the home, small tunnels in wooden structures, or tiny, dark powdery droppings, and call for an appointment right away if you spot these issues.

2. Changes in Home Ownership 

It’s common practice to get a home inspection before purchasing a new house. Some sellers even take care of this assessment before putting their home on the market to further entice buyers. Whether you’re looking for a new home or trying to sell a current residence, add a termite inspection to your to-do list to ensure the property is pest-free.

3. Past Infestations

termites Hilo HiIf your home has previously had termite issues, a pest control expert will recommend getting the home assessed again periodically. Most houses only require bi-annual assessments, but more frequent appointments may be necessary depending on the severity of the past termite problem. 

4. Moisture Issues

Termites thrive in damp locales. If your home has high humidity levels or recently experienced flooding issues, it’s a good idea to schedule a pest inspection. Areas that harbor water like bathrooms, kitchens, and gutters are particularly likely to become a termite haven, so check these areas regularly for signs of pest activity.


If you need a termite inspection, contact Hilo Termite & Pest Control to schedule an appointment with their experienced team. The company has offered termite and cockroach extermination for over 40 years on the Big Island. Call (808) 935-8301 to request a free estimate, or visit the website for more information on their pest control services.

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