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How to Keep Documents Safe in Storage March 6, 2019

Jacksonville, Pulaski
How to Keep Documents Safe in Storage, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Even in the digital age, both residents and businesses accumulate stacks of important paperwork regularly. While moving older documents to storage saves you valuable space in your home or office, paper-based products require special attention, especially when you’re housing them long-term. Fortunately, you can keep your stored documents protected by following these three effective tips.

3 Tips for Storing Documents Safely

1. Choose the Right Containers

The biggest danger to paperwork is moisture. While your storage unit is designed to block out the elements, humidity levels in the air are harder to combat. The easiest way to prevent moisture damage is by using durable plastic containers. Look for models that offer water- or air-tight lids for optimal safety.

2. Organize Effectively

storageOrganize materials by category, and then label each box to outline the contents inside. This arrangement allows you to find what you need without having to dig through multiple containers, touching every document. Skin oils and lotion residue on your hands can transfer to the paperwork, smudging the ink and eroding the fibers. Additionally, rough movements increase the risk of tears and rips. As such, the less amount of time you spend in contact with the documents, the better. Effective organization also reduces the amount of time you have to search for documents if you need to pull them out in a hurry. 

3. Elevate Containers

Even if you don't reside in a flood-prone area, there's still a risk that the natural disaster could occur. Standing water — whether it's an inch or a foot — can lift and tip over document containers, causing damage to the seal. To avoid water penetration, store your paperwork up off the ground. Place storage boxes on furniture or shelving units within the space to keep them out of reach of standing water.


Find peace of mind when storing important documents by turning to Northgate Mini Storage in Jacksonville, AR. Residents and businesses across Pulaski County count on this local facility for secure and affordable storage. The location offers convenient access seven days a week, along with computerized gated entry, on-site management, and door alarms. For more information regarding storage unit rates and sizing, visit the business online or call (501) 985-5054 today.

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