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3 Tips to Protect Your Oil Tank March 15, 2019

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3 Tips to Protect Your Oil Tank, Rochester, New York

With spring arriving soon, you’ll be shutting down your heating system. To ensure that you won’t have to worry about it over the summer and can count on it working well when the next winter arrives, it’s important to take steps to protect it. Your home heating oil tank is one of the most important aspects of your system, and one many homeowners often overlook. By taking a few preventative steps, you can rest easy knowing it’s safe throughout the warm season.

Ways to Protect Your Home Heating Oil Tank

1. Properly Store It

home heating oilPortable home heating oil tanks need to be properly stored so that they don’t get damaged. Move it to a place that’s well-ventilated in case of a leak and where it isn’t exposed to risks, such as falling over onto a hard surface or being damaged by lawn equipment or the elements. If possible, keep it in an outdoor storage shed where it will be safe and won’t pose any risks. For larger tanks, keep plenty of clear space around them and never put combustible items or sharp objects near them.

2. Handle Repairs 

Any existing damage to your oil tank can only worsen over the summer. If you have a faulty valve, cracks, or other issues, take care of them now. You won’t have to worry about more problems arising or dedicating time fixing your tank when the cold weather returns. Always turn to professionals for assistance, and if you have corrosion or serious damage, consider replacing your tank.

3. Refill It Now

It may seem pointless to refill your tank with home heating oil at the end of winter. However, this is one of the most important tank safety tips. During humid summer weather, condensation can build up inside your tank and begin corroding it. Come winter, you may find it’s cracked or damaged. A full tank of kerosene leaves no space for condensation, so reach out to a fuel delivery service to refill it now.


Are you ready to schedule fuel delivery services to fill up before spring? Monroe Oil Company has served clients throughout Monroe County, NY, since 1901. They carry a number of products, including kerosene, and will work with you to meet your budget. Schedule one-time or repeat home heating oil delivery, and count on always receiving quality fuel. Call (585) 244-4080 to speak with their staff and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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