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How to Prepare Your Car for a Rainy Spring March 13, 2019

Chillicothe, Ross
How to Prepare Your Car for a Rainy Spring, Chillicothe, Ohio

While winter driving hazards get all the attention, spring also results in a variety of car insurance claims. From hydroplaning to rear-endings, heavy rainfall, severe winds, and drastic weather pattern changes create a variety of on-the-road obstacles. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to prepare for the season with a few simple yet effective steps.

3 Ways to Get Your Vehicle Ready for a Rainy Spring

1. Prepare the Wipers

Lack of visibility often leads to filing a car insurance claim, so your windshield should be a priority on your spring vehicle checklist. First, inspect your wiper blades to determine if they need replacing or not. Next, check your washer fluid, and if it's low, top it off. You should also double check your defrost settings and vents to ensure they can keep up with fast-changing temperatures of the season.

car insurance2. Inspect Your Tires

It's vital that your tires are in excellent shape to grip roads during heavy precipitation on the roadway. While salt on the roads during winter is necessary, it often worsens potholes and cracks. When combined with air temperature fluctuations, damaged pavement increases the risk of tire damage. As such, now is the time to schedule a professional tire inspection to check the tread, look for material weakness, and test the tire pressure.

3. Review Insurance Coverage

If the spring weather results in vehicle damage, it's imperative that your car insurance policy covers the biggest risks. Review your current plan to ensure it offers coverage for accidents, non-collision related repairs, and damage associated with spring storms, like hail. Additionally, double check that the coverage limits and deductible amounts fit your circumstances. If your needs have evolved since the last renewal, work with an agent to update the policy or switch to a new one.


Make sure your car insurance policy matches your unique needs with the help of the experienced team at Hummel & Plum Insurance Agency in Chillicothe, OH. Since 1904, the insurance agency has served businesses and residents across Ross County. From evaluating your circumstances to reviewing policy options, the agents provide personalized, friendly service. Request your insurance quote today online or by calling (740) 773-1620.

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