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3 Signs Your Pipes May Be Frozen April 2, 2019

Rush, Monroe
3 Signs Your Pipes May Be Frozen, Rush, New York

Frozen pipes are homeowners’ worst nightmares during the winter season. When the water freezes over, it can expand and cause the pipe to burst, spilling water into your home and causing damage. Aside from flooding, below are other telltale signs of frozen pipes so you know when to contact an emergency plumber.

3 Signs of Frozen Pipes

1. No Running Water

A lack of running water in the middle of winter is an indicator of frozen pipes. If water doesn’t seem to be flowing to your showerhead or sink, make sure your water main valve is open. If that’s not the source of the problem, it could be that frozen pipes are to blame, so call a licensed plumber promptly to address them before they burst.

2. Frost on the Pipe

plumberCheck the pipes around your property for signs of frost. If rime is visible, the first step you must take is to try and thaw out the pipes. Open your cabinet doors to allow heat in and turn on the faucet so warm water can circulate through your plumbing system. Use a hair dryer on lines in areas of the home that your HVAC system may not reach, like basements or crawl spaces. Once they’re thawed, use heat tape or other insulating materials to protect them from the cold going forward. 

3. Foul Odors

If there are foul smells coming from your faucet, drains, or toilets, frozen pipes may be the underlying cause. Ice can create full or partial blockages that may trap wastewater, allowing odors to linger. This is a major red flag that requires immediate attention from a plumber to prevent a burst pipe. 


If you need plumber to help you repair or prevent frozen pipes, turn to the team at Miller Plumbing in Rush, NY. For over 50 years, this locally owned company has offered a wide range of high-quality plumbing services to clients throughout Monroe, Livingston, and Ontario counties. From faucet repair and garbage disposal installation to comprehensive maintenance and inspections, count on their technicians for reliable and affordable results. Call (585) 533-1404 today to schedule a service or visit their website to learn more about their list of offerings. 

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