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The Ultimate Spring Preparedness Guide for Sump Pumps March 6, 2019

Danbury, Fairfield County
The Ultimate Spring Preparedness Guide for Sump Pumps, Danbury, Connecticut

One of the hidden heroes of most residential properties is the sump pump. These fixtures protect your home from flooding by pumping water out before it rises above ground level. With spring and its inevitable rain showers on the way, there’s never been a better time to ensure your sump pump is working properly. Use the following checklist to protect your property from the consequences of flooding.

How to Prepare Your Sump Pump for Spring

Take Off the Cover

Your sump pump is outfitted with a cover to prevent people from tripping over it and debris from falling in. Start your maintenance routine by removing this cover and inspecting the tank. Any mud, pebbles, or rocks you find inside will require further action.

Flush It Away

sump pumpNext, you’ll need to remove any of the above contaminants by flushing the system with water. After using a hose or a bucket to fill the sump pump, turn it on and keep an ear out for unusual noises. Anything other than the standard operational hum may indicate broken parts and the need for professional repair.

Keep It Upright

Your sump pump can only effectively remove water from your home if it’s positioned on level ground. If it’s leaning to one side or another, the collecting water won’t sit properly in the pit, straining neighboring parts.

Check the Float

The float is so-named for its function—it floats up when the sump pump fills with water to tell the machine to start doing its job. As you put water into the tank, make sure the float moves easily along the float rod and doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced.

Assess the Discharge Pipe

The discharge pipe delivers water from the sump pump to the exterior of your home and directs it away from your property. To ensure it’s up to the task, check that the channel is free of mulch, rocks, nests, and even dried mud before the next rainfall.


Whether you need help with the above tasks or your sump pump is in disrepair, contact Gary's Pump Service of Fairfield and Litchfield County, CT. Since 1973, Gary and his team have specialized in repairing home water systems, giving them the experience and expertise needed to accurately asses your sump pump’s performance. Call them at (203) 744-7826 today to ensure your home is ready for the rainy season. You can also visit Gary’s Pump Service online for more on their comprehensive services. 

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