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3 Safety Tips for Snowmobile Riders March 6, 2019

Homer, Kenai Peninsula
3 Safety Tips for Snowmobile Riders , Homer, Alaska

Exploring the winter landscape on a snowmobile can be invigorating, which is why many people look forward to the colder months. Similar to riding ATVs during warm weather, you’ll need to take measures to stay safe during each adventure. Taking the following precautions will prevent injury and make every outing more enjoyable. 

A Guide to Staying Safe on Snowmobiles     

1. Check the Local Weather Report Before You Ride

Although there might be clear skies when you start a ride, the weather could change suddenly while you’re out. Heavy snowfall could reduce trail visibility, while high-speed winds could make it difficult to maintain control of the snowmobile. To avoid getting stranded or experiencing a wipe-out, check local weather conditions before taking equipment out for a spin. If severe weather is in the forecast, postpone your ride.  

2. Wear Warm Clothing & Safety Gear

snowmobilesWithout the proper clothing, exposure to frigid conditions for extended periods could be dangerous. Wear a long-sleeved, polyester-blend shirt under a wool sweater and snowmobile suit to remain warm while riding the trails. If you get wet, polyester won’t freeze and draw moisture to your body like cotton clothing. The snowmobile will push the powder into the air, so wear goggles or a full-face helmet as well as waterproof gloves and boots for protection.     

3. Bring Along an Emergency Kit

Even if you travel short distances, an emergency kit should remain on the vehicle at all times. This way, you’ll be prepared for any unexpected situations that might arise. The kit should include disinfectant wipes and bandages to dress injuries until you can reach out for medical assistance. If you get lost or stranded, the kit should also include a compass and map to find the way back home. The snowmobile could malfunction while you’re on the trails, so include tools, a tow rope, spare belt, and spark plugs to use if needed.


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