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How to Pack Breakables for Storage March 7, 2019

How to Pack Breakables for Storage, Kalispell, Montana

Whether you’re relocating or downsizing your home, packing is a stressful process. If you’re renting a temporary storage unit to keep your valuables and belongings safe, certain precautions must be taken to ensure they maintain their condition. Below are a few packing tips for placing breakables in storage. 

How to Prepare Breakables for Storage

1. Label the Boxes

storageUse labels to identify the boxes that contain breakable items. Draw an arrow on the box to provide directions for lifting and carrying—label which side is up, so you know what flap to open. This will ensure your movers handle your boxes the right way and that they make it into your storage unit in the same position. 

2. Use the Right Packing Materials

Boxes should be lined with blankets or packing paper to provide a cushioning for fragile items. Packing peanuts can fill dead space, while bubble wrap and newspaper can be used to protect items such as glassware, ceramics, and picture frames. You can also purchase divider inserts for wine glasses and crystalware. 

3. Wrap Each Item Individually

All items should be wrapped individually with bubble wrap and packing paper. This will prevent friction that can cause scratches or cracks. Wrap plates and then stack them on their side rather than from the bottom up. Double-wrap wine glasses and tumblers, and stuff newspapers inside to prevent them from scratching. 



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