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4 Ways to Boost Senior Self-esteem April 2, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
4 Ways to Boost Senior Self-esteem, Cincinnati, Ohio

Seniors live with a heightened risk of depression and anxiety. Many older individuals are lonely and feel socially isolated, which can negatively affect their self-esteem. If your loved one is not yet a resident at a senior living care center, they have an increased likelihood of low confidence due to spending excessive time alone. Here are four ways to help an older loved one boost their self-esteem to improve their quality of life.

Improve Senior Self-confidence With These 4 Tips

1. Encourage Social Interaction

Encourage senior loved ones to socialize by facilitating gatherings with their friends. Offer to drive if that’s helpful, and work with other loved ones to invite the senior out to dinner, go shopping together, or attend other social events. Being social is validating and will boost their self-esteem.

2. Promote Independence

senior livingSeniors need to maintain some independence and control over their own lives. This will help them keep up a sense of self-worth and belief in their decision making. Senior living centers facilitate autonomy by promoting residents to make their own schedules to attend activities, go on adventures, and schedule appointments.

3. Consider Transitioning to Senior Living 

Living alone plays a significant role in a senior’s mood. Moving to senior living offers more opportunities to build relationships and enjoy hobbies. These care facilities also provide access to health care professionals like occupational therapists. Experts will ensure seniors are confident in their speech and limit memory loss while maintaining cognitive abilities.

4. Support Self Care

Seniors who have dementia may inadvertently neglect their hygiene. Encourage them to keep up with their grooming by taking them to the salon or barbershop for a haircut. Many senior living facilities have salons where residents can get their hair cut, beards trimmed, nails done, and even makeup applied. When people feel good about themselves, they’re more likely to interact with others and put themselves out there. 


If you think your senior loved one may benefit from moving to a senior living facility contact Mount Washington Care Center in Hamilton County, OH, to learn about their available housing options. The long-term care facility is family-owned and has been in business for over 30 years. The caring staff offers dietary monitoring, speech, physical and occupational therapy, an on-site salon, and plenty of activities for seniors to socialize. Call (513) 231-4561 or visit the website for information on their unique, nurturing community.

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