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What to Ask a Snow Removal Company March 6, 2019

Granby, Hartford County
What to Ask a Snow Removal Company, Granby, Connecticut

Removing snow from your driveway or parking lot is crucial to keeping your car in good condition, protecting the customers, and preventing safety hazards. A snow removal company can help you to do this; they’ll dispatch fully equipped experts to plow the snow when needed. However, it can be difficult to choose a quality provider. Before hiring one, here are a few questions ask about their level of service.

4 Questions for Potential Snow Removal Companies

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

Look for a snow plowing company with experience. There’s more to the process than meets the eye, and you want to make sure they do a thorough job without damaging the landscaping or property. Additionally, if you have a commercial job for a snow removal business, make sure they have experience with parking lots, not just driveways. 

2. Are You Timely?

snow removalIt defeats the point of a plowing service if they arrive hours after you needed the driveway cleared. Ask if they always arrive on time, and make sure they have the proper equipment to complete the job efficiently; otherwise, you may have to wait hours while they work. Also, spend some time reading reviews on the company and avoid companies that reviewers called out for providing services later than agreed upon. 

3. What Do You Charge?

Ask what they charge to make sure you don’t overpay and that they’re an honest company. Their price will depend on the size of the area you need plowed, as well as where you live; regions that receive more snowfall often have cheaper plowing services, since the companies are guaranteed more work.

4. Are You a Local Company?

In addition to the economic benefits of supporting local businesses, doing so ensures that the company is acquainted with the weather and conditions in your region. Also, smaller, local businesses often provide better customer service to help them stand out from larger companies. 


Are you looking for a quality snow removal company in Hartford County, CT? Contact the professionals at Guarco Construction. With over 40 years of experience, this family-owned company still follows the same values that it did at the beginning: hard work, integrity, and customer satisfaction. They seek to establish relationships with their clients. Whether you need them to perform driveway resurfacing or residential and commercial snow plowing, they’ll get the job done right. To contact them, visit them online or call (860) 278-5558.

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