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Does Your Child Like Biology? See What Careers That Can Lead to February 26, 2019

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
Does Your Child Like Biology? See What Careers That Can Lead to, Cambrian Park, California

The advent of biotechnology and the explosive growth of the biomedical industry offer some incredible possibilities for students who are drawn to Biology. While many Biology students go on to become doctors, there are a variety of career opportunities for those who aren’t interested in treating patients or going to medical school. Here are some of the jobs a Biology student might qualify for with the right academic support and, if needed, with the help of an experienced biology tutoring service.

Careers Open to Biology Students

1. Biological Technician

Along with a deep background in biological science, Biology majors also usually have highly developed lab skills, making them ideal for roles as biological technicians. Most often, technicians work with researchers at nonprofit organizations, university labs, pharmaceutical companies, or government agencies, carrying out studies and ensuring accurate results. These challenging positions usually don’t require an advanced degree, making them perfect for those who aren’t interested or ready for graduate school.

2. Biochemists

Designing research studies to develop effective new medical treatments is an exciting field that will only grow. In the future, biochemists will be working to implement some of the most exciting developments in medical history, including gene therapy, nanotechnology, and even robotics. Most positions in these fields require an advanced degree, so your child may need the support of a tutoring service that can equip them to handle the rigorous demands of graduate school.

3. Health Communications Specialist

Not all Biology students want to work in the lab. Fortunately, the skills these graduates develop in school make them ideally equipped as health communications specialists. These public health professionals often work for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and hospitals to educate the public about preventing disease, healthy lifestyle choices, and other health concerns.

4. Marine Science, Agricultural Science, Forestry, Naturalists, Botanists, Game & Wildlife

Then there’s students who simply love animals, plants, nature, oceans and being outside! These outdoor careers often include both field and lab work but given they’re mostly government jobs, there’s not as many openings as the first and second careers above that also are in the private sector.


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