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Is Using a Heat Pump Cheaper Than Gas? March 6, 2019

Ozark, Christian
Is Using a Heat Pump Cheaper Than Gas?, Ozark, Missouri

When your Missouri home needs a new heating system, you will be faced with the difficult choice of a heat pump system or a gas furnace. While many factors are considered in this choice, many homeowners are most convinced by the overall cost. Whether you would prefer a larger upfront cost and lower bills over time or a smaller investment at the time of installation, there is a heating option that will fit your budget. Below is an outline of costs associated with both heat pumps and gas furnaces.

Heat Pump vs. Gas Furnace

Although heat pumps and furnaces serve the same purpose, there is a big difference in technology, energy efficiency, and maintenance requirements. The cost of each unit varies and depends on several factors.

  • Temperature: A heat pump extracts heat from the air and moves it into your home. When it’s cold outside, there is less heat to draw from, so they do not work as well when temperatures dip below freezing. Additional equipment must be purchased to keep your home warm when the cold Missouri winter hits. Alternatively, furnaces work well in all temperatures.

  • Electrical Dependency: Pump systems are 100% electrical, but furnaces rely partially on gas. Ultimately, the monthly costs are determined by your electrical and gas companies.

  • Longevity: Heat pumps generally last for 10 to 15 years, and furnaces last upwards of 15 to 20. Calculate your long-term needs when deciding which system is best for your budget.

  • Maintenance: Heat pumps require coil cleaning and refrigerant level checks, but furnaces need their burners to be cleaned, and the heat exchangers should be inspections. They both require filter changes.

  • Energy Efficiency: Efficiency is how well the system utilizes already existing energy. Since heat pumps move already existing heat from one point to another, they are more efficient than furnaces, which have to create the heat.

Which Is the Better Choice?

heat pumpThe decision will depend on your budget, environmental concern, and preferences. Additionally, consider the utility costs and gas line access. Some areas may not have access to gas, so that will limit them to heat pumps. Installation costs vary depending on the square feet of the home, existing ductwork, and accessories included.


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