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How to Keep Your Company's Internet Service Secure April 17, 2019

New Hope, Madison
How to Keep Your Company's Internet Service Secure, New Hope, Alabama

Running a business today involves advanced degrees of protection. In addition to physical security and employee training, you’ll need to safeguard the modes of communication that enable your success, including internet service. To find out how you can bolster your company’s security from the inside out, take advantage of the following pointers. 

3 Tips for Protecting Your Company's Internet Service

1. Safeguard Your Wi-Fi Network

At the office, you likely rely on a Wi-Fi network to allow employees full mobility when on the job. However, if left unsecured, these networks are vulnerable to lapses in privacy. This means that other businesses or individuals in your coverage area could freeload, slowing down your network speed. Worse, malicious actors could easily spread viruses, remotely monitor your private data or perform illegal activities on your connection. To prevent infiltration, make sure your employee internet service is password-protected, encrypted, and hidden from other local businesses and individuals.

2. Update Your Computers

internet serviceWhile separate from your internet service, your computers’ operating systems may help safeguard access to your Wi-Fi network. You can either set all your devices to automatically update, or remind your employees to update their own devices as soon as new systems become available. These updates include security improvements that will protect the computers from malware, viruses, and phishing scams.

3. Change Passwords

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to set and forget a password for your business internet service. Passwords work like virtual gates. While they do an excellent job of only opening for those with a key at first, they deteriorate over time as the password becomes common knowledge. The more people that have access to the key, the weaker the gate becomes. To prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your personal information, change your Wi-Fi password every one to three months.


If you’re looking for more advice on business internet service, turn to Alabama’s New Hope Telephone Co-Op. First launched as a telephone company in the 1950s, this community-run telecommunications provider now offers everything from rural high-speed internet to burglar alarms. They’ll help enhance your company’s safety on all fronts. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website or call (256) 723-4211.

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