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3 Design Factors to Consider for Your Commercial Hardwood Floors March 6, 2019

New York, Bronx
3 Design Factors to Consider for Your Commercial Hardwood Floors, New York, New York

Your commercial flooring should set the tone for your business, withstand wear and tear, make customers comfortable, and help direct the flow of foot traffic. If you’re having hardwood floors installed, there are aspects of their design that you should consider to optimize their benefits. Use the primer below on how to pick the flooring option that best suits your needs. 

How to Choose Hardwood Floors for Commercial Spaces 

1. Consider Wood Type & Strength

The species of wood and its origin will affect your budget, as well as the appearance and durability of your hardwood floors. If you run a high-volume business or feature heavy displays and machinery, you’ll need a durable option. Hard Brazilian teak could be ideal, for instance, and it’s available in attractive amber hues with red highlights. For domestic woods, the strongest option is hickory, which also offers a wide range of high-contrast graining and hues. Softer woods can also work well in high-end boutiques or offices. 

2. Select Your Finish & Stain

hardwood flooringFinishes and stains change the final appearance of your floors. Stains add color, while finishes give the installation a fine sheen while protecting it from minor damage. You can purchase prefinished options for convenience, or you can finish it on-site. With either option, the stain or finish should be chosen with the wood’s natural color and graining in mind. A commercial flooring expert will provide guidance on complementary shades. 

3. Plan Plank Layout

How the planks are cut and installed will have a major impact on the visual effect of your establishment. Planks that are thin, long, and run vertically from the entrance to the back of your business will accentuate the length of the store and encourage customers to move forward, which is especially ideal for small spaces reliant on client-staff interactions. Wide planks running horizontally will help clients spread out in retail spaces and browse displays and products. Flooring that features varied plank width and length or that runs diagonally will work best in a large store with multiple displays and an open floor plan. 


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