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Sending Your Kids to Summer Camp? Here Are 4 Items to Look For March 8, 2019

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Sending Your Kids to Summer Camp? Here Are 4 Items to Look For, Creve Coeur, Missouri

Summer camps are an excellent opportunity to keep your kids mentally stimulated and socially engaged between regular school sessions. As you browse your area for programs, there are several important qualities you should look for in order to ensure your children have the best experience. Here are some helpful tips from learning center professionals. 

4 Items to Look for in a Summer Camp

1. Location

When a learning center hosts a summer camp, it might require a bit of traveling. Find out whether the program will be held locally or out of town. For out of town camps, provide your kids with weather-appropriate clothing, bug spray, sunscreen, and the means to call or write home. 

2. Staff

You’ll also want to send your children to a camp that has outstanding leadership. Get acquainted with the staff and camp counselors, and allow your kids to meet them in advance. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your young ones are in the company of compassionate professionals while they’re away from home. 

3. Activities 

summer campDo some research into what activities the summer camp offers. While some programs place a greater emphasis on physical fitness and survival skills, others may prioritize academics and the arts. Choose a camp that best fits the interests and enrichment needs of your kids. 

4. Safety

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to feel confident that your children are safe at camp. Ask about emergency preparedness plans and onsite medical care. Familiarize yourself with the camp rules, including policies on bullying and harassment. 


Send your kids to fun and educational summer camps provided by Lucky Lane Nursery. This learning center has over 65 years of experience with providing educational programs throughout the Greater St. Louis, MO, area. Call (314) 434-4462 to enroll your children in nursery school or pre-K; and visit them online to learn more about summer camps and services. 

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