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4 Benefits of Using In-Network Health Care Providers March 5, 2019

4 Benefits of Using In-Network Health Care Providers, Bronx, New York

Whether you have health insurance through an office or you pay for it on your own, you probably have a network of health care providers from which to choose your primary care physician and specialists. From preventative health to urgent care to mental health, a network will have everything you need to stay healthy. Here are some of the key advantages of using in-network providers for your care.

Why You Should Use a Health Care Network

1. Saves Money

Seeing a primary care physician in your network will have a lower copay than going out-of-network. With some insurance providers, wellness visits with a primary care physician are even no-cost to the patient because annual wellness visits are vital preventative care. Maximize your insurance by staying in-network, so your insurance is responsible for most of your costs, and not you. An out-of-network visit might not even count toward your annual deductible.  

2. Saves Time

primary care physicianFinding the right primary care physician or specialist can take time, and it’s often hard to know where to begin. When you use a health care network, you can start your search with their provider directory. This will provide you with a comprehensive list of providers for every health care need, from hospitals to clinics to neighborhood practices. You’ll also save time in filling out paperwork, as you may be required to complete precertification forms to see an out-of-network specialist or primary care physician.

3. Allows for Coordinated Health Care

Often, the physicians within a network are part of a coordinated health care system. This makes it easy for your physicians to access your records no matter where you go, without requiring you to request it. These practices may also have an online patient portal where you can access your records in one place.

4. Trusted Physicians

Trust is an important part of your relationship with your doctor, and choosing through your health care network is a great way to find someone who deserves your trust. Your health care network is invested in keeping you healthy, so you can rest assured the specialists and family doctors in a health care network are reputable, trusted physicians who are equally invested in your health and preventative care.


HDR Healthcare Network in the Bronx, NY, is a network of health care providers, from family doctors to urgent care to home health services. They are dedicated to keeping you and your family healthy through education, prevention, wellness services, and state-of-the-art diagnostic and equipment and facilities. With three convenient locations throughout the borough, good health is never far. Call (929) 256-5005 to schedule an appointment or send a message online to learn more about their services.

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