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Annoying little computer problem? Here's how to solve it. February 27, 2019

West Loop, Chicago
Annoying little computer problem? Here's how to solve it., Chicago, Illinois

Whether you are a tinkerer who likes to solve the little problems that come up with your computer or someone who wouldn’t know where to start there are many great resources to solve those minor issues you may have with your computer.  You may love your computer but sometimes the machines we rely on every day may have some minor annoying problems that we just live with.  At Experimac West Loop, the experts in Chicago, IL at fixing Apple® and Windows® computers we see a lot of little issues that don’t require a ton of money to repair.  Here are our top three and how to fix them.

The battery doesn’t last long enough

As electronics age the batteries take a lot of abuse and sometimes they need to be replaced.  But if you don’t want to spend the money swapping a battery there are things you can do to prolong the life of the battery until it needs replacement.  First you should turn your screen brightness down, this is something a lot of people hardly ever do, we like seeing the brightness and colors as vibrant as possible, but Apple® makes it easy with dedicated keys to turn the screen brightness down, even a small amount will help and your eyes will get used to it quickly.  In System Preferences (found under the Apple® logo at the top left of the screen) there are options in Energy Saver and in the Display settings to help conserve battery power too. We recommend setting the slider in Energy Saver to turn the display off after 1 minute of non-use, it’ll pop back on as soon as you touch the computer.  Also select to slightly dim the display on battery power and put the HD to sleep when possible.  Under the Display setting slide the display to the minimum brightness you can use.  This will help your battery last 10%-20% longer and that can make a difference on a flight or in a situation where you don’t have a charger.

Xfinity is constantly asking me to connect to WiFi

This we see a lot and every time we show someone how to disable this action they are thrilled.  If you’ve never had this problem you have no idea how frustrating it is to have to click off of this pop-up window every time you take your computer to another location.  The fix is easy if you follow these steps.  First from the Apple® menu at the top left of the screen click on System Preferences and when that window opens click Network.  Make sure you’re on a different WiFi network than Xfinity and click on the Advanced button in the lower right of the window.  Scroll through the list of networks, these are all the ones the computer has ever joined, find the Xfinity network and select it.  Now hit the minus (-) button just below the list to remove Xfinity.  Click the OK button at the bottom to close that window and then click Apply at the bottom right of the open window.  That’s it, you won’t have that pop-up anymore. Yay!

Spinning Beachball

No matter what you do on your Mac you’ll eventually run into the Spinning Wait Cursor as Apple® calls it or more popularized as the Spinning Beach Ball.  You click on something and your cursor now went from a friendly arrow to a rainbow that seemingly never goes away.  If a program is having serious issues you may have to Force Quit that program to get the ball to go away.  Do that from the Apple® menu and select Force Quit, then select the application with the issue and click the Force Quit button.  If it isn’t an app that is stuck and just slow performance there are a few things you can do to lessen or even eliminate this.  First look at how many programs you have open.  If you are attempting to run Word, Powerpoint, Mail, iTunes, Messenger, Calendar, and a bunch of other programs at the same time you may simply be overtaxing your computer.  If you need to run many of programs simultaneously make sure you have enough RAM in your computer to handle this.  Experimac West Loop can upgrade your RAM for you.  If you think you have enough RAM (if you aren’t sure we can help you find out) take a look at your hard drive.  On older computers especially the hard drive needs at least 15% free space to operate properly.  Click on the Apple® drop down again and select About This Mac.  Now select the Storage tab and make sure you aren’t out of storage – that’s your hard drive space.  Experimac West Loop can upgrade your storage or help you learn how to manage what you have.  If you are still having issues with the Spinning Beach Ball it might be time to take it to an expert like Experimac West Loop.  There are a few other problems that may be occurring that we can diagnose.

Remember, anytime you need help with your Apple® or Windows® computer we’re here for you.  We’ve been able to diagnose a lot of issues over the phone so it doesn’t always mean a trip to the store, give us a call anytime at 312-243-1127 and we can try to sort out whatever problem you’re having.  Experimac West Loop is centrally located in Chicago, IL to help you keep you Apple® computer running smoothly for years to come.

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