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Kentucky’s Top 5 Spiders to Watch For in Your Home March 6, 2019

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Kentucky’s Top 5 Spiders to Watch For in Your Home, Versailles, Kentucky

Kentucky’s humid summers, unfortunately, makes it an excellent place for certain house pests like spiders. While most are harmless, knowing how to identify the dangerous ones can keep your home and family safe. These are a few common spiders in Kentucky you should know about.

5 Kentucky Spiders to Keep Out of Your House

1. Wolf

Wolf spiders live almost everywhere in the world and are dark to light brown. Instead of catching their prey in a web, they hunt their prey. Most are not aggressive to humans, but they will attack when provoked and should be avoided. They are often mistaken for brown recluse, but you can tell the difference by looking for contrasting stripes or spots, which are unique to wolf spiders. 

2. Orb Weaver

Orb weavers are common garden spiders. You may find them on your house plants, in the grass around your home, or on your windows. Because of the variety of species and colors, these can be hard to identify. However, they are almost always found in their unique webs, which look like circular grids or bicycle wheels. If you are unsure, snap a photo and send it to your exterminator.

spiders3. Brown Recluse 

Watch out for brown recluse. They can usually be found in dark places like garages or closets, but also in shoes and clothing that haven’t been worn for a while. You will know you have a brown recluse if you see a dark, violin-shaped mark on their back. If you have this spider in your home, call pest control services right away. In some cases, bites can cause rash, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

4. Jumping

Jumping spiders are identifiable by their small, jerky movements, which is how they got their name. They also do not spin webs, but instead hunt prey. Their venom doesn’t harm humans, but it usually creates a red welt.

5.  Black Widow

Though the black widow is dangerous, it’s also one of the easiest to identify. They are characterized by their spherical shape and black coloring with red markings. Black widow bites require immediate medical attention, but they rarely attack people. Pest control can handle these dangerous critters, but keep doors, vents, and crawl spaces sealed, and move firewood as far away from the house as possible to keep them from coming back. Black widows love wood piles and dark corners where they can easily hide.


If you notice spiders in your home, call the professionals at All-Rite Pest Control Versailles in Versailles, KY. They are the first and only pest control company owned and operated by a board-certified entomologist, an expert in insects, in the state. Their team will tackle even your toughest pest problems and offer solutions to keep them from returning. Learn about their full range of services online, and call (859) 873-1400 to schedule an extermination appointment.

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