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A Guide to the Differences Between Gold-Filled, Gold Plating & Solid Gold March 6, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
A Guide to the Differences Between Gold-Filled, Gold Plating & Solid Gold, Manhattan, New York

Not all gold pieces are created equal. As you shop for gold or explore creating your own piece, you’ll find that there are multiple varieties at varying prices. To determine the quality of the jewelry you’re purchasing or creating, use the following overview of the differences between gold filling, gold plating, and solid gold. 

What to Know About Types of Gold

Gold Plating

Gold plating is a common choice for costume jewelry, as it’s both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Gold plated pieces are created by using electricity or chemicals to bond a thin gold layer over another metal, typically over a cost-effective silver or copper base. While affordable, the gold layer may fade when exposed to water or friction. 

Gold Filling

gold platingGold filling is produced by bonding a full layer of gold to another type of metal. It has the same appearance and shine as pure gold without the price tag. It also won’t tarnish or wear off over time. Jewelry must contain at least 5% pure gold by weight to be included in this category. 

Solid Gold

Solid gold comes with the highest price tag. Any gold that is 10 to 24 karats will fall into this category. While it can maintain its appearance over a long period without tarnish, solid gold at the higher end of this spectrum isn’t considered the best choice for manufacturing jewelry due to its softness. It’s typically combined with other metals to create a more practical alloy for jewelry without sacrificing shine and color. Still, thanks to its purity, solid gold is a common choice for jewelry wearers who experience allergic reactions with certain types of metals that may be used in plating or alloys. 


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