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5 Ways to Help Kids Brush Better March 15, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage County
5 Ways to Help Kids Brush Better, Anchorage, Alaska

Dental care is important at any age—even for children who still have all of their baby teeth. By encouraging your little one to brush properly, you can help them build up skills to support a lifetime of good oral health. Since many kids view oral hygiene as a chore, parents often have to get creative to boost their child’s brushing skills. If your child needs to brush better, here are a few ideas to help.

5 Tips to Improve Your Child’s Tooth Brushing Skills

1. Do It Together

Kids love to emulate their parents. As such, making dental care a family activity can help encourage little ones to take pride in brushing. By setting a good example, you can teach your child how to brush for a full two minutes and make sure to clean each side of every tooth.

2. Try a New Flavor

dental careChildren will often resist brushing because they don’t enjoy the standard minty flavor of toothpaste. If this is the case, switch to a kid-friendly flavor, such as those that mimic the taste of fruit. When choosing toothpaste, be sure to select one that is sugar-free and approved by the American Dental Association.

3. Pick a Fun Toothbrush

Encourage your child to select a toothbrush that features their favorite colors or cartoon characters. When they can pick out their own brushing tools, kids are more likely to view the activity as a personal choice—not one that’s forced upon them. Electronic toothbrushes are also a good option, as they can be easier for kids to grip and often feature timers to ensure teeth cleaning happens for a full two minutes.

4. Tell a Story  

If your child is a visual learner, consider reading them a few books about dental care. There are many children’s books that explain the importance of a clean smile—as well as how to brush and floss—in a kid-friendly manner. You might also have them watch a few short animated videos online that illustrate easy, yet effective, brushing techniques.

5. Download an App

There are several mobile apps available for smartphones and tablets that can turn brushing into a game. Some, for instance, will guide your child through the motions with a series of fun and silly instructional lessons. Others might pair wirelessly with your child’s toothbrush to make the experience even more engaging.


Protecting your little one’s smile is easy when you’re a patient at Alaska Dentistry for Kids. As a leading children’s dentist in Anchorage, Dr. Chris Coplin knows how to make routine cleanings, oral exams, and advanced treatments comfortable and fun for young patients. In addition to providing exceptional in-office care, Dr. Coplin also takes time to help kids learn how to improve their brushing and flossing skills at home. To learn more about how this pediatric dental care provider can boost your child’s oral health, visit the clinic online, or call (907) 274-2525 to schedule an appointment.

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