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3 Pieces of Information to Give Your Pet Sitting Service March 6, 2019

Washington Heights, Manhattan
3 Pieces of Information to Give Your Pet Sitting Service, Manhattan, New York

For most pet owners, the hardest part about taking a trip out of town is leaving their furry companion behind. Fortunately, pet sitting services are designed to meet a cat or dog's needs while their owner is gone. If this is your first time utilizing this type of service, it’s imperative that you leave care instructions for the sitter to follow. Here are the three points you need to include on the checklist. 

What Information You Need to Provide to a Pet Sitting Service

1. Emergency Contact Information

Before you leave, provide your sitter with a full list of contact information and instructions to follow in case of an emergency. The document should include your contact details, phone numbers for your accommodations, the veterinarian's address and phone number, and emergency contacts that live in the area, including friends and relatives. Be sure to review these details ahead of time so that you have the opportunity to answer any questions.

2. Medication & Food Instructions

pet sittingAs a pet owner, you know all the tips and tricks to get your furry friend to cooperate, but your sitter doesn't yet. To ensure they're able to perform their job correctly, don't overlook the small details. You need to outline all medication and pet food instructions, including the unique added touches that your pet expects. Additionally, create a timeline that showcases what item needs administering and at what time.

3. Pet Personality & Schedule Notes

The goal of pet sitting is to keep your pet both safe and happy. Now that safety is covered, turn your focus to their emotional needs. Provide your sitter with all the information they need to help your pet feel comfortable with them while you're gone. These details may cover a variety of areas, including their favorite walking locations, preferred toys, and things that upset them or cause anxiety. Additionally, outline their current daily schedule for outdoor and nap times as well as when you'd like the sitter to check in with you.



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