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3 Funeral Etiquette Tips to Be Aware Of March 4, 2019

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3 Funeral Etiquette Tips to Be Aware Of, Morehead, Kentucky

Funerals are difficult for everyone, but they’re especially hard for the immediate family of the deceased. As an attendee, your presence and support will mean a lot to them, but it’s important that you behave appropriately throughout the event. To show your support and honor your loved one respectfully, here are some pieces of basic funeral etiquette points to keep in mind.

Important Funeral Etiquette to Know

1. Support the Family

The number one thing to remember during any funeral is that you’re there for the family. Feel free to ask to hear stories of the deceased and to laugh and smile when reminiscing. Just follow their lead and offer to help or support them in any way you can.

2. Send Well Wishes

funeralIf you can’t be there in person or just want to send a token to the family, feel free to send a handwritten note expressing your support or sharing fond memories of the deceased. However, don’t send bouquets or items that they would need to hold or attend to during the service. A sturdy plant or a basket of food for the funeral home guests may be appropriate, depending on the family’s wishes.

3. Don’t Make It About You

A funeral service is meant to honor the deceased and their loved ones. It isn’t a fashion show or casual social gathering. For attire, stick to dark, subdued clothing that doesn’t draw much attention. If you’re not a close family member, sit toward the back of the room or chapel so others can file into the closer seats. Finally, respect the family’s religion and traditions by embracing the service or any unfamiliar elements quietly and without objection.


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