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What Is Radiant Heating? April 11, 2019

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What Is Radiant Heating?, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

It’s no secret that winters in Alaska will produce frigid temperatures. If your home’s heating system doesn’t produce the warmth you need without generating high energy costs, you may want to consider a radiant heating installation. For more details about radiant heating and its uses and benefits, consider the helpful information below. 

A Guide to Radiant Heating

What Is Radiant Heating?

heating installationAlso known as floor heating, radiant heating supplies heat to either the floor, or wall and ceiling panels. Unlike traditional heating systems like forced-air ducts and radiators, floor heating delivers warmth to a room by directly heating a surface and allowing the warmth to slowly travel throughout the room. This heating installation is ideal for indoor use in localized areas like bathrooms or kitchens. 

How Does it Work?

There are two types of radiant heating:

  • Electric: For this system, a heating contractor will install a series of electric cables into the floor or attach plastic mats with electric conductivity to the subfloor. This type of heating installation is ideal for hard flooring materials like tile or wood because warmth will not quickly diffuse.
  • Hydronic: This option is more popular among homeowners because of its cost-effectiveness. Hydronic systems rely on heated water from the boiler that’s pumped through tubing installed under the floor. 

What Are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

One of the advantages of radiant heating systems is the potential to lower energy costs without sacrificing warm temperatures. It also allows for a more uniform heat distribution. Unlike heat sources such as radiators or forced-air vents that create noticeable warm spots in a room, radiant heat slowly rises from the floor to the ceiling at a consistent rate. The result is more even heating throughout the entire room, which will keep you warm and comfortable. Another benefit is improved air quality. Because floor heating systems do not circulate air, it won’t distribute dust, mold, pet dander, or other allergens throughout your home.


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