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3 Main Benefits of Custom Cabinets April 2, 2019

Flatiron District, Manhattan
3 Main Benefits of Custom Cabinets, Manhattan, New York

The kitchen and bathroom are key functional rooms that both need plenty of storage space. Cabinets are the cornerstones of these living spaces and the best sets are customized to fit your unique needs and dimensions. If you’re wondering whether personalization is worth the higher price tag, consider the following benefits of investing in custom cabinets.

3 Advantages of Choosing Custom Cabinets

1. Space-Efficient

No two kitchens are alike, from the layout of the room to the placement of the appliances. To compensate for the eccentricities of your cooking space, custom cabinetry makers can build your storage spaces around the rest of your room, taking advantage of that empty space above the refrigerator or transforming an awkward corner into a useful cubbyhole. No matter how tight or unconventional the area may be, you can fill it with serving plates or extra pots by building a custom cabinet to fit the unique dimensions. They can even craft solutions to keep wine collections or spices organized and accessible. 

2. High-Quality

custom cabinetCustom cabinets are most valuable because they take into account your personal needs and preferences – but aesthetic design isn’t the only area in which they excel. Factory-made cabinets may be cheap, but they don’t offer comparable quality and attention to detail. Custom cabinets are crafted with top-tier materials. Instead of stapled plastic corners, for instance, your storage spaces will feature seamless, strong joints made out of wood by professional craftsman.

3. Eco-Friendly

If you’re interested in minimizing your carbon footprint, custom cabinetry is the right route to take. By avoiding mass manufacturing, you won’t be contributing to the environmentally harmful techniques often used. Instead, custom cabinets take advantage of locally sourced materials and patient handiwork. You’ll also be supporting smaller, independent producers. 


To find the perfect custom cabinets for your home, turn to Broadway Kitchens & Baths of Manhattan, NY and Englewood, NJ. This trusted company handles everything from the initial design to the final installation, so you can stop worrying about logistics and simply enjoy the renovation ride. To learn more about their kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, visit the website. Call (212) 260-7768 to start planning your project.