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The Top Home Renovation Do's & Don'ts April 4, 2019

Norwood, Norwood
The Top Home Renovation Do's & Don'ts, Norwood, Ohio

Many factors can affect the results of a home renovation project. Everything from the contractor you hire for the job to the building materials you select matters. Before you begin work, make sure you pay careful attention to these home renovation do’s and don’ts to avoid extra costs and headaches. 


Carefully select your contractor.

You should interview multiple contractors before you choose one to hire. Verify their references, and ask for proof of insurance and licensing. The right contractor should be able to give feedback promptly and provide a written estimate before any contract is signed. Viewing samples of their past work is also helpful, as you’ll know they can take on projects similar to yours. 

Measure everything.

contractorThis isn’t a task meant for estimates and guessing. Obtain the existing floor plans, blueprints, and elevations, and verify them by taking measurements to confirm room sizes, height, and square footage. This should include window and door sizes, stairs, fireplaces, and closets. 


Exceed your budget.

You should know your budget before you hire a contractor or purchase building materials. It’s also smart to have money set aside for unexpected costs that are not included in your original budget. For example, you might discover decayed wood that needs to be replaced after you begin renovations.  

Make decisions after work has begun.

All of your decisions should be made before work begins, and you should refrain from changing your mind too often. Doing so can cause delays and cost you additional money. It can also distract the contractors you’ve hired for the job.


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