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Get Your Trees Ready for Spring With These 4 Arborist Tips March 21, 2019

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Get Your Trees Ready for Spring With These 4 Arborist Tips, Lilburn, Georgia

Springtime is celebrated for its colorful flowers and verdant foliage that bring the natural world to life, signaling the end of the cold months. As spring approaches, there are several things you can do to make sure your landscape is ready for a healthy growing season. Your trees are a good place to start. Professional arborists recommend the following tree care tips. 

4 Ways to Prepare Your Trees for Spring

1. Perform an Inspection

Cold weather often takes a toll on trees, and they should be inspected for common winter damages. Take a look at the trunks, and make note of any frost cracks. Check the boughs for signs of breakage, disease, or dead branches, and have an arborist assess anything that doesn’t look healthy. Spring rainstorms can be a dangerous factor for any tree within range of your home.

2. Plant New Trees

Spring is the ideal time to plant new trees, since sunny and humid weather conditions are so favorable for growth. Oaks, tulip poplars, and gingkos tend to flourish in Georgia lawns. If you want more color and fragrance, plant crepe myrtles, dogwoods, and magnolias to take your landscape to a gorgeous new level. 

3. Add Mulch & Fertilizer

arboristAdding mulch around your trees protects and nurtures them. Mulch regulates soil temperatures and moisture levels while delivering nutrients to the root system. Fertilizer provides a nutrient boost and makes trees more resilient to diseases and pests. 

4. Schedule Tree Pruning

Trees with dead branches prevent new growth from emerging, so have your local arborists remove them. Tree pruning during spring promotes safety, since limbs may weaken and fall in the aftermath of cold weather and spring’s wet weather. Pruning also boosts your curb appeal and makes your trees healthier. 


Keep your lawn and garden beautiful, healthy, and safe with the help of Casey Tree Experts. For over 35 years, these arborists have provided tree pruning, trimming, wellness, removal, and emergency services to clients throughout the Lilburn, GA, area. Call (770) 498-7000 to order mulch or make an appointment for tree services. Visit them online to learn more about how these arborists will protect your trees.