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The Dangers of Old Wiring February 22, 2019

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The Dangers of Old Wiring, Bluefield, West Virginia

Old homes boast a distinctive charm that sets them apart from newer builds. Many homeowners select vintage properties for those unique characteristics. But along with those special features come other details, like old electric wiring, that may create safety hazards for those who dwell in the house. If you’re concerned that your electrical system may need the attention of a general contractor, keep this valuable information in mind.

What You Should Know About Old Wiring

What Are Some Examples of Outdated Wiring?

Knob and tube wiring was used almost exclusively by electricians throughout the late 19th century through the 1930s. Although popular at the time, today the wiring is considered a significant safety risk because it consists of only a single hot wire and a single neutral wire. The system lacks the grounding wire that prevents shorts from occurring. Many homes built during the ‘60s and ‘70s contained aluminum wiring, which was thought to be a cost-effective alternative to more reliable copper.

What Are the Dangers of These Systems?

Bluefield, WV electric wiringA functioning knob and tube wiring system won’t pose an immediate threat to your home, but failing rubber insulation on the wires could easily cause problems. As the material weakens, it exposes the wires to potentially damaging water and air exposure. Those could both create a short fuse that triggers a blaze. It’s also far easier to overload your electric wiring system if you have knob and tube installations, which could accommodate no more than 12 circuits.

While general contractors could add new circuitry, it could cause the entire electrical system to overheat. Similarly, aluminum wires are too soft and brittle to support modern electrical loads. The material is so malleable that it can easily expand and move when it becomes too hot. It can also rust over, which could cause the system to heat up too much.

What Can Be Done to Resolve the Problem?

It’s best to hire a contractor who has specific experience dealing with electric wiring. If you’re particularly concerned about the presence of knob and tube or aluminum wiring in the house, your contractor can install modern copper wires that safeguard your home from potential dangers. Although this may be a significant and time-consuming investment, it’s one that is well worth your family’s safety.


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